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Printed metal motorcycle signs can be pretty cool pieces of lowbrow garage art. We love 'em. Trouble is, the quality on the wider market is often very poor. And often terrible. We're talking low resolution printing. Uninspiring images. Bits of paper varnished over sheets of jagged tin. The wrong model name. Mispellings. Etc. We've seen it all. So far.


That's why we take a lot of effort conceiving, designing and printing our own signs. We want to rise way above everyone else in the market. The good stuff we produce is double-checked and sent poste haste to our customers. The lesser quality merchandise goes into the recycling bin. We don't sell "seconds", take note—and we don't market our garage art through anyone else. You either deal with us direct, or you take your chances with the dodgy knock-off pirates.


So be kind to your garage or shed. Check out what we've got. Take your time. Make your choice. Then fire off your order. These metal signs are great gifts—either to someone else, or to yourself. If you don't like what you receive, sent your order straight back.


At Sump, satisfaction isn't part of the deal. It's the whole deal.



metal motorcycle

400mm x 300mm. Printed in the UK


BSA M20 metal wall sign






'59 Triumph Bonneville
metal motorcycle sign

400mm x 300mm. Printed in the UK


1959 Triumph Bonneville metal sign






BSA Golden Flash metal motorcycle sign

400mm x 300mm. Printed in the UK


BSA Golden Flash metal sign






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Legal stuff

All Sump T-shirt designs are produced entirely by us right here in Sumpland. We're not claiming any connection with any other group, organisation, company, manufacturer, institution, body, retailer or fly-by-night-merchant. Sump metal signs are not available anywhere else unless they're being pirated. If you've got any copyright concerns, disputes, threats or similar, fire off an email and we'll look into it when we next sober up.


Cool metal garage signs
from Sump




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